One of the huge benefits of bone broth is its wealth of nutrients – primarily amino acids and minerals. These nutrients are readily available and easily absorbed, providing many holistic benefits to the human body. In fact, it would take pages of information to cover them all, so I will just summarise the main ones here for you.  

Skin + hair health – it’s fair to say we are all after healthy hair and glowing skin.   Bone broth is rich in collagen, a main structural protein in our body playing a very important role in giving the skin its smoothness, moisture and elasticity. Bone broth also contains gelatine, which is formed from collagen as the bones are cooked, and is necessary for strong hair and nails. What a great addition to your beauty routine!

Joint Health – various studies have shown that diets rich in chondroitin and glucosamine provide relief from joint pain and inflammation. Bone broth is rich in these two nutrients, potentially assisting in pain relief, and together with its collagen content, offers a great natural medicine option for joint health – a good option for ageing joints and even athletes.

Gut health – a huge benefit of bone broth (See details below)

Immune health – a large portion of our immune system lies in the gut. With broth being your gut’s new BFF – your immune system will love you for it and be stronger than ever. Broth is rich in gut-healing nutrients such as glutamine, glycine and proline, which can help reduce intestinal inflammation and allow the immune system to work as well as it can. With the added bonus of being anti-inflammatory, bone broth can aid recovery.

Be better, Love Melissa x