Firstly, broth is a finished, clean and nutritious product, which can be consumed on its own. Stock is a liquid that is left unseasoned for cooking, whereas broth requires no additions to taste great. Commonly, stock is packed with added preservatives to enhance flavour and lifespan.

Broth has considerably stronger nutrition properties. Broth is an all-rounder product, which is a staple in the kitchen, and a versatile product to support general health and wellness. Given broths longer cooking time (up to 24 hours), it allows for a heightened release of nutritious minerals - whereas stock is often considered a base for food only.

The extract of collagen from the connective tissues gives broth its thick, gelatinous quality. Stock is commonly sold as a watery, thin liquid whereas broth takes much longer to produce – with a long, gentle cooking time leading to a rich liquid packed with easily-digestible protein.

Lastly, broth tends to have a fuller mouth feel and richer flavour, due to the gelatine released by long-simmering bones.

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